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Make your company visible to over 3 000 foundries & forges

Subcontract Solutions gets over 75 000 visitors per year :

  • 75 % coming from Europe
  • 20% coming from Asia
  • 5% coming from North America ...

Foundries & forges from all over Europe are joining Subcontract Solutions to meet new buyers and get more orders.

As of today, Subcontract Solutions foundry & forge database contains over 3000 foundries and forges from more than 30 different countries.

Subcontract Solutions is a unique mean of communication when it comes to the world of foundry and forge business that's why we bring to you smart marketing tools.

Register your company to the Guide of Suppliers to Foundries and Forges
Foundries & forges have a free access to their Guide of Suppliers to discover their own supplier universe. This guide allows foundries & forges to make targeted search for new suppliers :
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Advertise your company on Subcontract Solutions
Subcontract Solutions offers the possibility to advertise on the Guide of Suppliers to Foundries and Forges and on the newsletter "Foundry& Forge International".
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