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Subcontract Solutions

Subcontract Solutions is an independent platform using both Internet technologies and industry experts services to bring greater efficiency in the procurement as well as the marketing of castings and forgings.

Subcontract Solutions mission is to:
  • Increase market transparency
  • optimise workflow to lower transaction costs
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between buyers and suppliers
The vision behind Subcontract Solutions:

Long years experience in the Foundry & Forge industry have enabled Subcontract Solutions' founders to develop hands-on solutions:
  • to overcome traditional market inefficiencies
  • to benefit from the e-business potentialities
Traditional market inefficiencies:

At present, the market processes are too costly, too long and too inefficients:


1. Highly fragmented market
  • Over 10 000 buyers in western Europe
  • Over 2000 foundries (> 20 employees)
  • Over 500 forges (> 20 employees)
  • Thousands of suppliers to the foundry and forge industry
  • Wide range of buyer and supplier profiles
  2. Low transparency and High information cost
  • Identification of new suppliers / buyers is a long and costly process
  • Information availability is not satisfactory
  3. High workflow cost
  • Preparing and dispatching of documents is too time consuming
  • The procurement / marketing processes can be further optimised

e-business potentialities

Industrial subcontracting of made to order parts has been identified as high beneficiary of e-commerce solutions. This is particularly true for subcontracting of castings and forgings

  • automate and accelerate your business process
  • optimise your supplier / customer base
  • collaborate faster and better

Subcontract Solutions: use smart tools, get smart results.



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