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Make faster and smarter sourcing

Subcontract Solutions is a procurement solution using both Internet technologies and industry expert services to bring greater efficiency in your procurement of castings and forgings.

Our services:

  ProSolutions is a free, easy and efficient solution to find
new suppliers:
  • you create your Request For Quotations (RFQ) Online
  • we identify all qualified suppliers and inform them of your RFQ
  • you receive offers from suppliers interested in your RFQ

Request Quotes Now - FOR FREE !

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  e-ProSolutions is an advanced tool using internet technologies to bring greater efficiency in the management of suppliers and RFQ distribution.
  • create a private market place for RFQ management
  • put on line complex and multiple items RFQs
  • use advanced sourcing criterias
  • distribute selectively your RFQ
  • manage existing suppliers and source new suppliers

Request an offer for e-ProSolutions

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  Sourcing Solutions is our strategic sourcing offer built on a qualified database of thousands of foundries and forges worldwide as well as on industry experts know how.

Manufacturers looking for competitive edge are increasing adopting strategic sourcing because it supports two key objectives: getting shorter delivery and lowering total cost. Subcontract Solutions is able to assist you throughout the strategic sourcing process:

Identify suppliers >> Evaluate >> Qualify >> Select >> Transact >> Rate

Brief us on your needs at +33 (0)325 82 8484
or at

For more information about Sourcing Solutions click here


With Subcontract Solutions: use smart tools, get smart results:


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