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Expert services

Consult experts and make smarter decisions

Procurement as well as manufacturing of made to order castings and forgings is a complex process that demands know-how and problem solving skills.

In that respect, being accompanied by industry experts can be valuable when making a new supplier audit, validating a repair procedure, solving a manufacturing problem or making
a design optimisation.

Therefore Subcontract Solutions is gradually networking with a team of foundry and forge experts to answer any of buyers' needs throughout the supply chain from drawing to delivery. The right assistance and advise can make the difference between a successfully accomplished project and a costly experience.

Supplier Audit
  • have an expert to make on-site supplier audit before placing your order.
Problem solving
  • consult an expert in case of manufacturing problems
    or to validate repair procedures.
Design optimisation
  • consult an expert to optimise your parts design and save on manufacturing costs.
Specification review
  • consult an expert to optimise your technical specifications.
  • consult an expert to know which metal or manufacturing process is right for your application.

Experts profile:

All Subcontract Solutions industry experts:
  • are independant
  • have strong credentials and proven track records in the foundry or forge industry
  • have a good command of English

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Learn more about our foundry and forge expert competencies or consult our prices.


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