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Order follow up

Make cost efficient order follow up

Order fulfilment and suppliers follow up are key success factors in the procurement
of castings and forgings but generate significant travelling and follow up costs.

Our experience is that, as a complement to buyer's own follow up, a regular supplier visit made by a local expeditor can be highly efficient to check manufacturing progress. This is particularly true providing the local expeditors are familiar with buyers requirements as well as with the foundry and forge industry of their country.

Subcontract Solutions is gradually developing an expeditor network for order follow-up
in the major subcontracting countries.

  Status Order follow-up network
France available

For more information about order follow up missions, tarification and other countries covered, contact us at:

Italy in process
Spain in process
Turkey available
Bosnia Herzegovina available
Bulgaria available
Hungary available
Poland available
Romania available

Benefits of using Subcontract Solutions' expeditor network:
  • Make cost efficient on-site manufacturing control
  • Detect manufacturing problems sooner
  • Optimise your risk management
  • Reduce your follow-up cost
Expeditors profile

All Subcontract Solutions local expeditors:
  • are knowledgeable of the foundry and forging industry in their country
  • have previous work experience in a foundry and / or a forge
  • are familiar with the production processes
  • have a good command of English

Subcontract Solutions: use smart tools, get smart results.


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