October 2003
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The Spanish foundry industry





The year 2002 was characterised by a slow down in production, reflecting without doubt the international economic situation. The industry reported a 3% production drop by the end of the year. The Grey Iron production was hit hardest with drop of 5.3%, while the nodular iron production remained steady thanks to 5.5% increase in centrifugal cast tube production. Other sectors, including Steel Casters, experienced a drop between 3 to 5%.

It is worth underlining the importance of the automotive industry for the Spanish foundries, representing about 53.3% of the iron production, 12% of the steel production and 56% of the non-ferrous metals production.


Forecast results for 2003

First quarter results in 2003 are similar to those in 2002. However the ferrous sector, in particular the Grey Iron and Cast Steel production have dropped 1.5% and 2.6 % respectively. The non ferrous sector should produce similar results as last year based on prognostics.


A similar development is foreseen until the end of this year, which can be considered a success considering the economic situation in Europe or elsewhere. But generally there is a great incertitude concerning those estimations due to the important number of parameters unknown at the current moment.


It is worth mentioning that the Spanish foundry industry has undergone a radical restructuring during the last few years. Great efforts have been made to improve quality systems and modernise installations, as well as implementation of vocational training programs and environmental protections standards.

As a result, we can confirm that the Spanish foundries maintain a strong competitive position, as displayed by the presence of high quality demanding markets such as the automotive. The level of certifications and conformity with international standards is very high, which is reflected by the high export ratio close to 40% of total production.

ATEF servicio de estudios. September 2003.

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